Bunnies Battle


Bunnies Battle Token: Is a well-regulated token with a total supply limited to 1 billion tokens. Its abbreviation is $BBT, it can be used for operations in the ecosystem, game rewards, purchase of NFTs.
The token will have a 3% buying commission and a 5% selling commission before the official launch of the game. The selling commissions will restock the storage (treasure), the buying commissions will be distributed for the token and NFT holders reward system, and will also be used for our deflationary mechanic called Bunnies BOOM.
After the game's official launch, all commissions will be eliminated and will become 0% buying and 0% selling, allowing players to enjoy the game without hassle and the team to earn money from the game, rather than from trading commissions.

Token contract - 0x1c3984CcA3D0337Bd8a34Df00A4693b70852826D

Name: Bunnies Battle Token Symbol: BBT Total Supply: Chain: BNB Chain
400.000.000 (40%)
200.000.000 (20%)
50.000.000 (5%)
Lock 1 month
50.000.000 (5%)
Lock 2 month
CEX Listing
100.000.000 (10%)
Lock 1 month
200.000.000 (20%)
Lock 2 month

Transaction Fee: Buy - 3%; Sell - 5%

5% - Treasury (Game rewards, buy backs, future development, team, marketing)
1% - Reward distribution between top 50 holders
1% - Reward distribution for HOLD-TO-EARN system
1% - Bunnies BOOM!